Welcome to my portfolio! I'll keep track of all my projects here. I'll be adding new projects as I announce them and my most recent projects are listed first.



Released: Upcoming (2016)

Foodee is an upcoming Android app designed to ensure you never let food go off, and gives you suggestions on what you can make with what you have going out of date soon.



Released: Upcoming (2016)

ePortfolio is an upcoming web-based application, written in C#/ASP.NET, that allows you to set up a constantly evolving, customisible portfolio to showcase all types of projects.


DarkMod Mod Installer

Released: November 2012

DarkMod Mod Installer was a stand-alone Java application written for a Minecraft server, known as DarkCraft, that I was involved with for about 2 years. The installer would detect whether Minecraft was installed, download an updated pack of modifications from a remote server, and install them into the Minecraft file. In later versions of Minecraft, when they introduced their own launcher with profiles, DarkMod would create a seperate profile for the modified version.


This site!

Released: February 2012

This website was first launched in 2012 to support my Minecraft plugins as well as my project at the time, D.E.V., and as a central hub for people to get in touch with me. The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has a snapshot from when the site first launched. Whilst the style hasn't changed much since then, the content has been constantly evolving to keep up with my projects.

Minecraft Plugins

Minecraft Plugins

Released: Between 2011 and 2013

For two years, I was involved in developing and releasing around 12 public modifications, and over 10 private ones, for the popular Minecraft server software Bukkit. These mods were fully written in Java and utilised all aspects of the language, ranging from file handling, SQLite/MySQL database manipulation and modular programs. I was also involved with the development of Minecraft itself back in beta, being asked by Notch and Jeb themselves to pre-test some builds and ensure the software's compatibility with the version.
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